Cakewalk Labs is a UX/UI consulting firm that is operated by Arvand Alviri.

Arvand is a Senior UX/UI and Product Designer who has worked on a variety of apps for companies such as Microsoft and a Silicon Valley startup that was acquired by Amazon. He's also worked as a full-time agile scrum product manager in a Y Combinator team working on FinTech after they were acquired by a NYSE-listed company.


User Testing

We design and conduct usability tests unique to each web or mobile app to identify perception, and usability issues that attribute to low user retention.

UX/UI (Re)Designs

We help you hone a product strategy along with actionable designs by (re)defining your Minimal Viable Product, product hypothesis, product launch strategy and post-launch feedback and data analysis strategy.

UX Audits

We conduct extensive heuristic evaluations, along with data analysis (MixPanel or Google Analytics) to identify usability sticking points in your web or mobile app.