iOS White Label App Store Ban Easiest Solution with User Flow


Apple has released new rules  at this years WWDC, effecting white label apps, such as those for events, schools, universities, B2B and so forth. In short, due to the 'App Store cleanup', they are no longer allowing companies to have white label apps in the app store. Rule 4.2.6 states “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected."

In this post I'll lay out the simplest design and implementation fix for this, which I helped a client with who has 100's of white-label apps in the app store for various Universities. This idea can be taken and adjusted to different types of white-label apps as well.

Simple User On-boarding Change

This change is simply a user on-boarding change, as you will have to include an additional step upon launching the app of making the user select the University, Event, School etc. If the step is location specific, or if knowing the user's location can guess the user's selection, then that should be used for a better User Experience, but also allow them to make their own custom selection as well.

It is important for the selection to be be cached, and upon re-launching the app, the user should fall into the same flow, rather than having to make the selection on every launch. The user should have the option to change their selection from the app's home page.