5 Things That Could Go Wrong with Your App Development and Launch

So, you have your new wireframes and squeaky-clean UX/UI designs ready to hand to your developer(s), now what?


5 Things That Could Go Horribly Wrong

  1. Engineers not delivering what you expect
  2. Frustrating and seemingly endless back and forth with engineers requiring technical specifications
  3. Engineers requiring additional wireframes and designs due to a lack of understanding or an expanded scope
  4. Post launch: not understanding what users liked or disliked about your product
  5. Post launch: not understanding how users use your product


2 Things You Can Do Right Now

  1. Write out error messages and the corresponding triggers that may lead to these errors (i.e. if a user, who has an existing account, tries to sign up: “Did you mean to login?”, hyperlinking ‘login’ to the login page)
  2. Set up MixPanel to track data analytics in order to monitor and track user behavior